Final Rating: 6.59. Finished 14 out of 218 entries.

2,820 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gero M

Description: A guy tries to get involved in the army. He takes a test but ...

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 1 week


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Ivan Mendoza:

Work on the "in prison" lip sync bit. Nice stuff.

Michaela Dawn:

Exaggerate a bit more.

Richard Adams:

Decent overall. Mostly staging problems.

Staging in the first 337 frames is completely unnecessary and detracts from this entry. Frames 937 onward also unnecessary. I liked the 2 guys clapping him. Facial expressiveness and body language is decent.

Worawut Wichakmetee:

Good Jobs

Jean Bultingaire:

nice I like the head swing

Nathaniel Vaughan:

Lip sync is spot on and setup works well, though it goes without saying the lack of texture makes it irritable to watch.

Bri Greene:

LOL, love it!

Matthew Gilligan:

need to work on lip sync a bit more but the body gestures are fine

Ben Hall:

The animation is pretty fluid there are some points where I can't read his emotions or expressions and the animation speed up at one point toward the end but it's good overall

Jon Gama:

Cants understand why his variety of expressions.