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Zeds Ultimate (Pivot A.)

by Damian Raka

Final Rating: 1.39. Finished 218 out of 218 entries.

718 views including the voting period.

Animator: Damian Raka

Description: Zed, from league of legends.
A game

You would understand if you've played the game, or seen his ultimate, or just him in general.

Experience: not alot, i can only animate from Pivot Animator

Time taken: 4 hours


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Pamela Rivera:

haha nice... although... it's not part of the competition

Benjamin Arzt:

It seems this one doesn't have the right audio track?



Michaela Dawn:

Didn't use correct audio.

Maribel Orozco:

its cool, but does it belong here?

Matthew Sampson:


Christopher Winn:


Richard Adams:

Doesn't use the contest audio, breaks contest rules.

Janice Lee Carter:

Not the correct audio for this competition.

Daniel Sang Lee:

Uhm... Zed's ult. Pretty cool but has nothing to do with the contest lol

Raúl Emilio Gil Delgado:


Nathaniel Vaughan:

Wrong audio.

Anise Akiko Ambuehl:

Not using the April competition audio

Michael Smith:


Sakgawee Puresrisak:

Better submit it at stickman competition.

Kyle Newton:

Why is this happening right now?

Aaron McGriff:

Not the right sound clip ???