Final Rating: 3.92. Finished 122 out of 218 entries.

434 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sopon Goongit

Description: The duo prisoners attempt to escape by hold a warder. Suddenly have sound from walkies talkie of warder.

Experience: 4 Month.

Time taken: 1 Week.


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Richard Adams:

The overall idea is terrific. I especially liked how you actually managed to get some expressiveness across, the silent laughing.

Didn't really need the view of the walkie talkie in the first 49 frames though. Starting with the staging of frame 50 would've been better.

Kyle Newton:

I like the concept. The execution is just really rough around the edges.

Ben Hall:

Need 12 principles of animation here

Aaron McGriff:

I've seen about 10 of this style of claymation so far so I'm guessing this is for a class. Fun!