Final Rating: 5.10. Finished 53 out of 218 entries.

453 views including the voting period.


Animator: Daniel Sang Lee

Description: Those aren't eggs from the market.

Experience: Less than a year

Time taken: 7 days


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Adriana Manquero:

I really like the camera effect in here

Michaela Dawn:

He kind of walks like he's drunk. I don't know if it's just the camera, but it's disorienting.

Christopher Winn:

decent but the camera moves too much

Richard Adams:

Dislike the shakycam feel. Needs a lot more facial expressiveness.

Kristen P.:

I know FPV is a thing, but it sure make me camera sick to watch...

Nathaniel Vaughan:

A clever idea of using POV perspective, as well as nice movements and coloring.

Michael Smith:

Liked the POV idea