Final Rating: 4.25. Finished 114 out of 290 entries.

571 views including the voting period.


Animator: Cedric Le Poullennec

Description: A man tells what he will do if someone tries to kill him.

Experience: 2 years (student)

Time taken: 35 hours


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Dominic Rayner:

Some poses and gestures work, others don't. There ought to be some variatiion otherwise you start to see just the arms springing around. Variance is a challenge because it is a long dialogue

Donald Marks:

The animations looks kinda wobbly. I think starting your work in a strong stepped pose to pose fashion, and work to smoothly shift between poses is the best way for you to improve the animation. Right now, things are moving to quickly to read different gestures very well. Also, he's leaning up against the wall the whole time, which kinda feel a bit vanilla.

Paul Von:

get him off the wall to make it more interesting

Clémence Caron:

Very good work !

Savinien B. Ness:

A bit too much twinning but good potential

Skyler Swender:

This runs smoothly and I enjoy the combination of the dialogue with your small gestures. I would say though that this makes for some jumbled silhouettes and even shifting the camera slightly could help. Nice work.

Joel Murphy:

I saw your WIP in the forums! Nice progress! Great to see it finished.

His upper body seems a little floaty: like his upper body actions aren't influencing his lower body movements. This makes him look like he's lacking weight. You might try having him put his one leg down to regain balance after a big gesture at some point?

Imon Branch:

the body movement needs work so does the background