Final Rating: 6.08. Finished 24 out of 290 entries.

989 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lauren Elizabeth MacColl

Description: Turns out bears aren't so cuddly after all.Though that depends on what club you go to.

Experience: 5 years, BA Hons.

Time taken: 2 weeks and a biscuit.


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Donald Marks:

Would have loved to see a bit of animation on the crying crowd. Love it though. Also, love the sky changing color. The main bear taking off his hat in respect for the dead man was a great touch. Good Job!

OceanicBoy Joey:

lol @ the end pose for the female xD

Shaun Bartoo:

Such a fun style! I don't quite understand your intention with the secondary character at the beginning. What's around his head?

Isadora Morales Chaves:

Wow, so much work. Points for effort.

Fernando Incetta:

Cool style, as always. The weeping family should move, at least a bit.

Abhishek bhardwaj:

hahahah... what an humor.. buddy.. , nice one..

Michael McKnight:

I like it. Looks like something you'd see on Adult Swim or MTV.

Francisco J Ramirez:

so weird!! i love it!

Dominic Rayner:

Seems like a lot of work, barmy, with some nice moments of animation. Maybe too much information to take in first viewing though, with out of context characters. Presumably the bears attacked, but why is he sitting with the remains of a basket over his head?

Rodrigo Torres:

I like the style!!

Joe Lee:

this is funny really, your idea is so awesome.

Zeeshan Karimi:

You made my day! ^_^

Imon Branch:

okay that was interesting