Final Rating: 3.84. Finished 150 out of 290 entries.

462 views including the voting period.


Animator: Otávio Neres

Description: Software used: Blender
Rendering: Blender Render

Authors of some objects:
- Characters: VMComix
- Mug: poifox
- Bench: sputnikk
- Diner objects on left: Jay-Artist

All CC, downloaded from BlendSwap. All else by me.
Scene reference: Better Call Saul

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 4 hours a week, during the whole month.


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Pretty good stuff. Fix your arms there all over the place. Not bad though.

Shaun Bartoo:

Your hands are super poppy. Watch your curves, and be careful with leaving the IK hand static on the table while his shoulders move. It looks unnatural, and the elbow pops. Leaving the secondary character static detracts from the piece.

Christopher Kleinert:

I liked the way you did the shoulder. keep up the good work.

Imon Branch:

the body movement needs a little work. but its very good.