Final Rating: 3.74. Finished 162 out of 290 entries.

468 views including the voting period.


Animator: Abigail RoRo

Description: see he's just trying to give good advice!!

Experience: animation student. about a year and a half

Time taken: two weeks aprox.


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Sabrina Winkel:

Scary but super awesome! I would not want to be her!

Jay Rivera:

creative C:

Rachel Col:

The facial expressions are really good, even on the tiger :D

Dominic Rayner:

Points for humour

Otávio Neres:

The characters kind of don't belong to the same, uh, universe? Try giving more staging to your "protagonist". No cheating in that part, you used 110 frames and the girl's reaction doesn't match with what the tiger is saying.
Keep practicing, you will get there!

Mark Mingo:

like the Idea

Imon Branch:

the background needs work