Final Rating: 3.91. Finished 145 out of 290 entries.

463 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andrea Low

Description: My first entry for 11 second club - done for my final animation homework.

Experience: 1st year animation student

Time taken: 1 week


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Donald Marks:

Decent drawings, and tweens. Maybe add some more weight to his movements by adding some anticipation and follow through on some of those poses.

Michael Yochim:

Cute style,

Rachel Col:

I love your style!! Really good character designs, too!

Iain Wilson:

really good! the last second got cut off on upload, it seems.

Annie Iglesias:

I wish you had used the whole clip!

Steve Schwartz:

It's nice but you're missing the last line "And then they would leave". As good as it is, it's not finished.

Joaquin Casas:

Lol there's other animation at the news! Where's the end of the audio?

Imon Branch:

good topic


Missing the very last line of audio.