Final Rating: 3.67. Finished 172 out of 290 entries.

500 views including the voting period.


Animator: ravi

Description: a boy playing dead man role caught by the villain. and finally the boy got killed....

Experience: 1 week experience as a student.

Time taken: 20 days of research and learning animation and 10 days of software work.


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nice try the dialogue action are good

Hitesh Sathawane:

this one is epic . i like it .

Sayat Samantsinghar:

fine flow well done

Saurav Jana:

nice one...a diffrnt concept seen...


Good Animation.Poses are not that much strong but actions has came nice...Keep it up & try to make more smooth.

Shubam Sam:

awesome video....ull hav bright future ....good going!!

Raj Ravi Raj:

nice try

Imon Branch:

the intro was off and their is no background with this scene