Final Rating: 6.19. Finished 21 out of 290 entries.

1,768 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jason Wellings

Description: A man kills another man for his treasure and then tells him what he would have done differently.

Experience: 4 yrs

Time taken: 25hrs


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Michael Kasiurak:

Good body movements!

Fernando Incetta:

Great acting.


I think the quality and smoothness of your animation is great. I also really think you made some good acting/posing choices up through about frame 196, especially at the beginning where the character is looking at the coin, gestures with it, then stands up and puts it in his pocket, that's some really nice stuff. After frame 196 I think the acting/poses could be stronger with other types of poses. I also thought it was great how you have the character quickly move back and forth as he plays the different parts like in classic 2D stuff such as Looney Toons.

Joaquin Casas:

love it

Imon Branch:

the voice is too low but the scene is good.