Final Rating: 2.88. Finished 232 out of 290 entries.

426 views including the voting period.


Animator: Olalekan Genesis Aleem

Description: I simply couldn't finish but I had loads of fun doing this and Hope to finish it in my free time

Experience: < a Year

Time taken: < a week


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Donald Marks:

Just incomplete. Would have loved to see this completed. Good posing though. Very natural.


Nice blocking. Finish it I would love to see it finished.

Thomas Holcombe:

good blocking, need to go onto next stage

Michael Kasiurak:

Good blocking

Kait M.:

Not sure if this is still in stepped or not, but if it isn't, I would work on making your posing a bit less blocky and play around in the graph editor with the curves and tangents.

Mark Mingo:

Need to work on the key functions on the animation and time slider, to make the animation better

Fernando Incetta:

This was promising, a pity you couldn't finish it in time.


Your poses look promising, It seems like if you were to push it further in terms of level of completion you would have a good foundation to build on.

Imon Branch:

the body movement needs to improve