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Rabbit Kill _April_2016 _entry

by pramod.desaneni

Final Rating: 4.10. Finished 128 out of 290 entries.

479 views including the voting period.


Animator: pramod.desaneni

Description: Rabbit trying to escape the hunt

Experience: 5

Time taken: 16 hours


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Rachel Col:

The motions are totally spot-on, but the mouth movements were kind of hard to see. Maybe animate the front part of the snout to emphasize it more?

Shaun Bartoo:

Watch your centre of gravity, it feels off in a few places. I'm bothered by the lack of lip sync, it takes away from the performance. Also note that putting your name in the video file is against the rules of the contest.

Steve Schwartz:

The rules state not to put your name on the piece.

Foster Eber:

Don't put your name on 11 Second Club Submissions. Please Refrain.

Joaquin Casas:

No rules..

Imon Branch:

no background and more detail