Final Rating: 5.05. Finished 56 out of 290 entries.

541 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anaïs Mirliaz

Description: First Entry ! Sadly, I did not have time to complete it. Better luck next time !
Here's my blog (if I'm allowed to share it in the description)

Experience: None (unless you count student time, which would be one year and a half)

Time taken: one week maybe, between car trips, evenings, and breaks


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Frank Geadah:

I like it.

Imon Branch:

This was very Decent, it had a lot of mouth movement. the only thing that got my attention is how that one object change color? but it is the best one is seen so far.

Francisco J Ramirez:

loving the hand gestures!

Dan Harriman:

Your pose at 172 looks very awkward. I think becuase the table he leans on is so far behind him. It doesn't look like he's supporting his own weight.
Some cool, expressive work here though. I wouldn't want him for MY doctor!