Final Rating: 4.99. Finished 59 out of 290 entries.

9,880 views including the voting period.


Animator: John Toland

Description: Animation Shot of a fallen enemy. Inspired by The Hateful 8

Experience: 2 Years Study

Time taken: 30 hours


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lipsync feels really slippery

Kaylee Banco:

Good animation. Need to work on the lip sync some more.

Iain Wilson:

the lip-syncing seemed off, but the rest of it was really good

Laura Frost:

Needs a bit more work on the lip syncing.

Pierre Hauzeur:

I feel like the dead one moves just a bit better. Paradoxal xD

Nick Barbour:

Last lines, the character's mouth didn't fully express it. Didn't emphasize enough.

Dominic Rayner:

Lips and face a bit expressionless on speaker, but animation of the rest is quite impressive


good body movement, but the lip sync is off and feels slow overall

Imon Branch:

the body movement needs a little work