Final Rating: 1.59. Finished 287 out of 290 entries.

1,027 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mariel Contreras

Description: .

Experience: 4 months

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Amin Bahari:



Uh wut

Luann Wepener:

I think he uploaded the wrong video

Michelle Boulé:



Shameless plug... not even that great..

Jay Rivera:

cool but i dont think this is what was in the competion

Jim P:

ok, so they don't have screeners here.

Noah Smith:

Nice breakdown. But dont post your off topic videos in the competition.


WOW!66666666!But did you upload the wrong thing...

Joel Murphy:

Not the place for this. though it is cool, show off your skills with an actual entry for the competition, not personal projects


This has nothing to do with the contest.

Iain Wilson:

unrelated to contest.

Kait M.:

Do not use this website as a platform to promote your own work.

Foster Eber:

This is not a Demo Reel Exposition, Please Refrain.

Mark Mingo:

Good animation, but the wrong type of competition

Dustin St John:

noone is gonna go to your youtube dude.



Niladri Shekhar Saha:

What is This :( :(



Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

not the competition at all....sorry

Noyan Özkan:

GJ guys, just let everyone dump the garbage here..

Gabriel Areia:

wrong place dude


You spelt YouTube incorrectly

Davit Martirosyan:


Meridith Winterfeld:

Moderators need to get rid of these scammers...

Aisha Kennett:

Not for the competition

Weston Pierce:

Cool, but not what the competition required.

Imon Branch:

their is no point in this scene

Jérémy Dulary:

-_-, really?


wrong place, man