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The Hitman's Opinion

by Kevin Liang

Final Rating: 5.16. Finished 53 out of 290 entries.

530 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kevin Liang

Description: Hitman tells his dead target what he would have done.

Experience: 8 months

Time taken: roughly 4-5 days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Jordan Lewers:

The poses are there, but I'd like to see more in-between animation

Joel Murphy:

"Then I'd be like dead" -there's a lot of arms movements in that section. I think if you took one of the poses out it might feel more fluent. Also right in that area the arm is moving at right angles which is reading as unnatural. Nice poses for the most part though!

Daniel Calvert:

I enjoyed watching this one. Good job with the sync! Mouth movements look great, along with the facial expressions. The animation is very smooth, keep up the good work!

Francisco J Ramirez:

the other hand should be the one moving, since it not holding anything. also, it very distracting.

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

lip sync could use more work

Imon Branch:

the background is too dark