Final Rating: 4.77. Finished 74 out of 290 entries.

472 views including the voting period.


Animator: Rachel Bossert

Description: A man wants to help a grieving widow, but instead discovers he's not very good at it.

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 20-25 hours


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Geoff Simmonds:

Nice idea and setup. Needs more holds and definition on poses which need to be more "struck". Also a bit difficult to read character animation because of lighting.


Ha! Love the idea!

Francisco J Ramirez:

nice setting. maybe a tad more exaggeration while delivering dialogue.

Craig Joseph Massa:

The movements seem a bit floaty. Work on your timing a bit. Maybe show some anticipation in his movements. He just goes from pose to pose which is alright, but seems a bit slow. Overlapping and secondary actions might fix this? Also the lip sync is alright, but could use a few touch ups.

Michael Kristiansen:

A shame with his hand going through her shoulder - it stole away my attention. But the rest looks good.

Imon Branch:

okay it is good