Final Rating: 2.10. Finished 274 out of 290 entries.

500 views including the voting period.


Animator: Imon Branch

Description: Brother had a bad day frustrated in room, and sister being nosey.

Experience: 14 weeks

Time taken: A Month


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william johnson:

you need to work on your animation better its slow and your character is fazing into themselves and you should work on your poses for the last on its hard to tell what's going on


The animation overall needs a little improvement. The rig on the left it's mouth and body movements don't match up with the audio. The mouth especially needs some work and the rig itself looks very stiff. Now the rig on the right just needs to speed up it's movements and not run so slow. Overall I understand what's going on in this animation.

Mark Mingo:

mouth movements to fast



Jonathan Kartes:

I think overall you did a good job but your mouth seems to be opening too much making it stretch a bit and every now and then you get a stutter that makes the character seem to jump between poses. Possibly go back into the graph editor and try to fix a bit.

Imon Branch:

body movement need to improve a little. also more body movement in the main character.


The character on the right moves immediately between the crouching and standing pose without pause, causing her movements to look unnatural. Hold the crouch for longer before she stands back up.