Final Rating: 4.44. Finished 101 out of 290 entries.

449 views including the voting period.


Animator: Terry Bagby

Description: Marshall got beat up, and Dante keeps hitting his (Marshall's) bad arm while doling out a life lesson. Sheesh.

Experience: Some

Time taken: A couple of weeks


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Fernando Incetta:

Very good overall. I think the biggest issue is with hand animations. They look stiff and unapealling. Try to push them further next time.

Shaun Bartoo:

Your crutch walk cycle is awesome. Theres something funny in the left characters neck motions. It translates pretty dramatically independent of the rest of his body at times, which looks unnatural. You could probably tone down the x translation in the left character's hips too.

Joel Murphy:

the weight placement on the crutch is a little off. video reference could have prevented that issue. You have some good animation instincts, but this detail seems to have gotten overlooked.

Imon Branch:

that was good