Final Rating: 5.89. Finished 31 out of 290 entries.

1,052 views including the voting period.


Animator: Peyman Bodaghi

Description: He is a boastful character...

Experience: 6 Years

Time taken: 2 Week part Time


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Fernando Incetta:

Good! A solid entry.

Dan Harriman:

Very cool! I think the cut is a bit jarring though, particularly because immediately after it the monster thrusts his face into the camera. Maybe it's just me, but I lost track of where the ground was at that point, I wasn't sure if his feet were still touching the ground, because he leans so close to the camera. If the camera is zooming in at the same time, it is very hard to read. Other than that, this one has great appeal!

Michael McKnight:

I like the style used for this one, and the character choice is definitely unique. Overall body animation is good, though lip sync needs some work.

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:


John Leland:

very nice, such good facial animation


Tangency needs work.

Dominic Rayner:


Joel Murphy:

Love the animation... though I'm unclear what the story is here??? Who's he talking to? or what is he looking at off screen.
If he's a monster, and he would have played dead to get out of a bad situation, perhaps his "We're going to kill you" could be even more intimidating; like it's a bigger monster that's shouting down at him.

Joe Lee:

looks nice the animation, just the only problem is lip sync and audio didn't match it clearly, maybe need to delay more on the lip sync would be better, always watch carefully and listen more could help you alot.

Craig Joseph Massa:

Not quite sure about the story here or what exactly is happening, but the overall animation quality is amazing. Is that 2D or 3D? I can't tell if its 2D I must credit you on your fluidity as that is super smooth with the rotations of the body parts and what not. VERY well done!

Imon Branch:

no background?