Final Rating: 6.39. Finished 19 out of 290 entries.

2,391 views including the voting period.


Animator: Marcelo William W. Munoz

Description: The man was scared of the zombie in the elevator.

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 2 weeks part-time


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Geoff Simmonds:

Nice. Let down by bad lip synch but good posing and emphasis & timing.

Donald Marks:

That "O" mouth shape looks like he was trying to kiss the foreground character. And the last bit where the foreground character looks at the camera doesn't really make any sense in the context of the scene. Other than that, great scene. Very smooth and expressive!

Fernando Incetta:

Well done. Good characterization and staging.

Christopher Kleinert:

I liked the little twist at the end, very funny. Good animation.

Imon Branch:

Its very good, the details, environment and the expressions was priceless. when after the conversation a zombie came out of nowhere and scaring the main character that was talking.

Alex Mlqd:

lipsync off :/ delay the audio or the animation 2 or 3 frames ;)

Divyam Chand:

Nice smooth actions...but I think you missed the hit/ punch on the word "Dead", It needed more exaggeration


I think the audio and video don't align, but other than that it looks good!

Julien Boudou:

Not bad dude. Try to dynamise the mouth animation and play more with the head and body to support the lab :)

Joel Murphy:

I felt like your animation itself was solid! the one area I would focus on is the staging.
I think an action reads better if the camera cuts ON the action. So at the beginning when we're looking down on him, I would have the blue shirt guy start to turn, THEN cut mid turn (as opposed to before he even starts to turn.)
The guy in the brown shirt is getting cut of by the edge of the frame, while the right side of the image is light yellow. I would pull back a bit on your second shot so that there's a bit of yellow to screen left of the brown shirt guy. Might alleviate a bit of the weight in the image and also help the actions read better.
The best part of this animation is the "We're gunna kill you" expressions.
Perhaps position your second camera slightly to the left, more over the shoulder/behind the brown shirt guy so that at that point the blue shirt guy is saying that, coming toward the viewer.
I like the stationary camera though and I realize the importance of staging the reveal in the elevator. With the cam slightly to the left, i think it should still work, as the blue shirt guy ends up falling back (could reveal the elevator more if he's blocking it)