Final Rating: 4.59. Finished 89 out of 290 entries.

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Animator: Li Yixuan

Description: This is a funny lesson for survival.

Experience: I am an undergraduateļ¼Œ I've learned MAYA for three years.

Time taken: about 30 hours


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Dan Harriman:

Gross! Even without blood that's a pretty strong image. Anyway, that aside, when you first cut away to show the dead guy it's a very dis-orienting. We don't know that the dead guy is placed opposite caged guy.
I think this is because caged guy has gone into his play-dead act and is no longer looking at him. So we have no sense of placement for this new guy-on-a-stake image. When you show the two of them together though, that's when we see the layout of things.

Imon Branch:

very impresive