Final Rating: 3.09. Finished 217 out of 290 entries.

436 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jojoe Longoria

Description: Jojoe thinks about bird's bad idea.

Experience: not alot i have only done 2d sprites for html games

Time taken: the past Mondays


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Shaun Bartoo:

I missed your premise the first watch through because you don't hold on the dead bird nearly long enough for it to read. The secondary character really detracts from the piece I feel. I actually think it would be stronger if it was just the two birds. He''s hardly animated. Theres no performance. He doesn't react at all the the crow's dialogue, and a thought bubble is not a good replacement for acting. The swinging of the secondary character's feel isn't working. It needs more inbetweens, especially padding around the extreme where you see the bottom of his shoes, and a movement that big in his legs needs to affect the rest of his body.

I get no sense of the crow's personality. You're just flipping back and forth between two keyframes. There's no basic animation principles present. I love your illustration style, keep working on your animation.

Jacob Fenster:

I like the pokeball

Imon Branch:

not a lot of movement for the main character. but its good.