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Just play dead ! By Vincent ZYWO

by Vincent ZYWOT

Final Rating: 3.63. Finished 176 out of 290 entries.

432 views including the voting period.


Animator: Vincent ZYWOT

Description: Hi, I'm Vincent ZYWOT, a student from the Cégep of Matane, in Québec. Here my animation for the current competition of April. I hope you will enjoy :).

p.s: Sorry if my English is bad ^^'.

Experience: 3 years as a student.

Time taken: 2 week I think, I don't remember well ....


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Hailee Pullman:

This is a great start. However, I don't feel like the story is very clear. Both characters moved too much and was kind of distracting. I would focus on one and go from there. Keep up the good work :)

Imon Branch:

background needs work and also the body movement needs a little work.