Final Rating: 2.65. Finished 247 out of 290 entries.

418 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andrew Downey

Description: A bear giving his friend advise...

Experience: 2 Months

Time taken: 17 Hours


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Laura Frost:

Cute characters and I really like the idea for the setting. Since the characters don't have mouths I think their movements need to be much more expressive.

Walter Morris:

love the concept behind the animation. Though its hard to tell which character is doing the talking, and some of the movements are not timed the best.

Jonathan Kartes:

While I enjoy the models I feel like going with models that don't have any mouths only hurt you here. It causes the viewer to notice the robotic and stifled movement. For the walking I would suggest shifting his body left and right very slightly for each walk to help give the illusion of weight behind it.

Imon Branch:

need mouth movement and some what the point of this scene?