Final Rating: 2.87. Finished 233 out of 290 entries.

432 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andy

Description: Man hiding from the police in a bathroom reflecting on what just went wrong.

Experience: A few months overall - using this as practice to move into computer animation after university

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Isadora Morales Chaves:

I'd suggest not moving only the head. Subtle movements are important.


we're not statues when we talk, move around some more! The lip sync was good though

Frank Geadah:

Just head movement...and not good movement at that.

Rachel Col:

The lip syncing is good, but it'd be cool to see more body movements.

Michael McKnight:

No real body movement to speak of, only the head moving. Lip sync is decent otherwise.

Imon Branch:

need to work on the body movement some more. but it is good

Shaun Bartoo:

You're animating like your character is a bobble head! Even in a closeup, you need root and shoulder movement. So stiff!