Final Rating: 3.57. Finished 182 out of 290 entries.

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Animator: levi letor

Description: Imagine what churches would be like if He just played death!

Experience: We started with animation in september at our school.

Time taken: a couple of days


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Looks like there are some choppy movements in the hands and arms especially. The more time you spend just smoothing those movements out in the graph editor or some other equivalent, the better it will look. I thought the key frames looked pretty good though.

Sam Robberechts:




Noah Smith:

Wow... thats really offensive.

Imon Branch:

this lacks the fundamentals, because the background theirs no point to this scenario, and also it is way off.

Joel Murphy:

this could have benefited from a closer angle (and maybe a lower angle looking up)
that leg snap at the end lost you a point from me (But i did feel the rest of the animation was pretty good!)

Rachel Bossert:

Warning, this could be offensive to some people

Meridith Winterfeld:

this is a bit offensive