Final Rating: 1.84. Finished 282 out of 290 entries.

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Animator: truck1234

Description: .

Experience: 14 weeks

Time taken: month


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Otávio Neres:

Maybe a bit more of staging? Try not to rely on the computer's interpolation, it will give you that "under the water" aspect in your movement and some issues as well.

Keep practicing, though!

Daniel Calvert:

The mouth sync needs some work. Arm movement is a little wonky in the beginning. Facial expressions need a lot of improvement.

Kait M.:

Make sure to touch all the controls at least once. Neck, shoulder, eyebrows, etc. The stiff feeling that this has is from just touching what the minimum to touch to have the lip sync to work.


not ready

Jonathan Kartes:

Your character firstly looks a bit stoned. I feel like maybe raising his eyelids up a bit would have helped there. You should also try to pull his elbow control back to help get rid of that twisting that makes his right arm go crazy. Also since this is the andy rig you should probably avoid making his mouth skew one way or that other unless you want a specific reason for it.

Imon Branch:

the mouth needs a lot of improvement and so does the body movement and especially the eyes.