Final Rating: 6.08. Finished 24 out of 290 entries.

1,754 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dorothy Yang

Description: 2D Animation in TVPaint

Experience: First year student

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Guillaume Gimbert:

Nice piece but we're not supposed to edit the audio.

I like you designs

Michael Yochim:

Really good, but you shouldn't have added the sound...

Jamie Cox:

This was really well animated. Additional sound effect at the end wasn't necessary.

Rachel Col:

I'm in love with your art style omG

Donald Marks:

Good work. Love how smooth the tweens are. Also, I think the site has a rule about not adding sound effects to the sound clip for the competition. Just a heads up!

Isadora Morales Chaves:

What a lovely style.

DeAndre Reid:

By far best one I've seen so far. Great Job

Amin Bahari:

Interesting concept and execution. Your drawing skills are good. Your timing and acting are on point. You maintained your volumes and hit your accents well. Arcs were nicely done as well. Maybe it's a style preference but it seemed to me that some movements were a bit choppy especially at the beginning, my guess it's because you didn't have enough time to draw more inbetweens.
Please be aware that it's against the rules to add anything but silence to either the start or the end of a voice clip. Not abiding by this rule puts others at an unfair disadvantage and i couldn't help but bear this in mind when i voted on your entry as you clearly added that bump sound at the end.
I am a 2D fan and i love 2D entries, hopefully i see more of your work here. well done!

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

very nice....can't add own audio though

Ruud Harbers:

Very nice, but the added noise at the end could be reason to disqualify this, according to the FAQ.

Connor Leuck:

This would be really great if the other character had some subtle movement to him.

Imon Branch:

it sound too scratchy but the scene is good.