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Man to man, at a mantle

by Joel Murphy

Final Rating: 4.21. Finished 118 out of 290 entries.

540 views including the voting period.


Animator: Joel Murphy

Description: All good news comes a little too late, from a wise cock-tale attendee.

Experience: Kind of new to the 3D world/shaking off some rust.

Time taken: As much time as I could spare with a SUPER busy schedule.


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I feel a little bit exhausted after watching that! He was moving way to much, but mainly in the first half.


Concept was great, too wobbly (even for a drunk person)

Isadora Morales Chaves:

I think i'd be better if he didn't move so much.

Foster Eber:

I think this works really well! but I think that the character doesn't hold the poses quite long enough. Have them hit the pose and hold it for a bit and it will look great!


neat ideas here, but the "drunk wobble" is a little overdone and distracting

Connor Leuck:

You have a lot of wonkiness going on in your character's upper torso

Imon Branch:

background is fuzzy and too much body movement.

Robin Tamura:

Not my top rated but my personal favourite! So funny, especially the "We're gonna kill you" bit. The audio does not really reflect the drunkness of the character but it's still damn entertaining. Thanks for making my day :D