Final Rating: 2.73. Finished 241 out of 290 entries.

452 views including the voting period.


Animator: Colleen Little

Description: This is a class final project in progress by a team of university students.

Experience: Beginning

Time taken: Unknown since it was a group effort


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Fernando Incetta:

Some good ideas around here, but it needs polishing.

Jordan Lewers:

The guy is a magician, he keeps changing clothes every few seconds! Try to hide the controls next time around

Jim P:

I like these videos where they purposefully show software goofs (or is it that full rendering was taking too long? ) ha

Michael McKnight:

Though general animations and lip syncing are ok, it isn't rendered. Also, some of the controls are still in the animation.

Kaylee Banco:

Continuity errors. His clothes, hair and eyes change.

Mark Mingo:

need to work on the animation a lot more

Imon Branch:

the background needs work and the maya solfware still shows in this scene. the body movement in the shoulder needs work as well.