Final Rating: 3.61. Finished 177 out of 290 entries.

455 views including the voting period.


Animator: Steven Rawley

Description: Friend trying to give moral support ends up hurting more than helping

Experience: Junior Animator

Time taken: Unrecorded Time


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Frank Geadah:

Stepped mode?

Foster Eber:

It looks like you have it on stepped still, I would at least Auto Tangent it out, even though it would be swimmy it would at least be less obvious.

Dustin St John:

Very weird stuttering between poses when playing the video almost as if it is in stepped. Poses are pretty good though the second character seems pretty stiff.


You left it on stepped.

Peter Burges:

Something very wrong with the frame rate but looks like there's some decent acting going on.

Imon Branch:

body movement needs a little work and the eyes as well.