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Alien Abduction . . . Returns

by Lucas Ridley, April Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.56. Finished 1 out of 175 entries.

65,064 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lucas Ridley

Description: After a long journey together the friendly Alien brings a farmer back home.

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Kiefer Paulson:

I love the story behind this one! really really good job with the two characters interacting with each other. my only critique is that maybe, just maybe, the first shot cuts to the second a few frames too fast. beautiful piece though. I'm jealous.

Mauro Cordeiro:

For shure, deserves 1st place!! Amazing animation, and amazing post production / art!! Congratulations!!!

Matt Herbert:

Very nice.

Brady Green:

Woow!~ Great stuff!

Tabia Lees:

Great job!! :D


a good job

Shekhar N Skr:

Really Amazing expressions!!



Noyan Özkan:

well, almost everyone failed at reflecting this heavy exhaustion feeling to us in animation . You made it much better at least. Half of the shots were gibberish playblasts which animated with morpheus..

the first dialogue, maybe the head move could be a bit smoother.
also the swinging arms after the head move.

maybe the blue guy could move so slightly while listening.
maybe you could turn them to the camera a bit more in the second part of the dialogue. we see them from profile and it looks like a poor angle. but the camera placements are good overall, only the character placements is a bit off in the second part.

i have a hunch that, this participant might turn out anthony travieso.

this work is second to none this month.

Jed B.:

Chicken dinner.

I felt his sincerity. Great jorb.

Dang Duy Quang:

Number one for me!


nice animation :) really love their facial expressions

roy cobn:

nice alien design.reminds me the Pixar short "lifted"

Justin Jones:

This is pretty excellent. The lighting might be blooming a little too much, but everything really flows perfectly in this. Best of luck to you!

Mag Magnet:

This needs to win.


I loved it!! this kind of work is why I joined 11 second club

Shark Bait:

Finally! nice animation dude, regardless of the render. I especially like the blue guy

Pulse Shipman:

Love it.


the best so far

Nassim Briedj:

nice one ;)