Final Rating: 2.96. Finished 138 out of 175 entries.

303 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ricky Escamilla

Description: After Jeff and Mark have a long adventure to get back home, they are stopped by the long drop of a deadly cliff. Mark thinks the adventure is over; until Jeff tackles him off a cliff to get

Experience: First time working with 2D Aimation. Started this semester of college in January.

Time taken: 4 Weeks


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Eric Raffle:

your intro was too long you should try to keep to the audio span length, your faces were too predictable there where only two different faces in the characters ant your proportions where of one small face then big then small, it needed more work I'm sad to say no where near ready for the competition.

Dang Duy Quang:

The cut shot f164-165 confused me.

John Jefferson:


- The Sky looks nice

- Not an aweful Idea for this.


- What is up with the sun thing in the beginning?

- too much time spent on dead silence, should have just started with jumping off.

- Why is there a house on the bottom?

-Odd jump cuts

roy cobn:

u could cut the start.

Maurice Haywood Jr.:

good creativity