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A long far far away trip

by Josh Aussem

Final Rating: 5.63. Finished 23 out of 175 entries.

580 views including the voting period.


Animator: Josh Aussem

Description: My first ever entry for the 11 second club. It's been a hell of a trip.

Experience: Less than a year professionally

Time taken: 8 days (couple hours each day)


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Eric Raffle:

you needed more hand and arm gestures the current pose was too little try do some real life acting to get some more realistic shots


can't see any emotions on their faces

Justin Jones:

I'm liking the effects used in this. It's great that you showed off the setting prior to the actual dialogue so the viewers can acknowledge that the scene is inside the space ship. Lovely work, and best of luck to you!


Sparks are a distraction. Maybe the purpose of the sparks is to allude to the face that the spacecraft has suspended a bit of a damage, it's barely making it and therefore "It's been a helluva trip". It might have been better in this case to precede the clip with just a single burst of sparks from the panel in front of them ("Star Trek" style), that would be enough to convey the shabby condition of the ship, and then you proceed to a spark-free dialog, which you have performed rather nicely. You don't want the focus stolen from your characters.