Final Rating: 7.14. Finished 4 out of 175 entries.

6,397 views including the voting period.


Animator: Drew Covert

Description: A guy gets an alien to his ship for a ride home.

Experience: Four Years Freelance

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Kiefer Paulson:

beautiful render, great idea. I think the lip sync on the alien could use some attention. nice job!

Alejandro Betancourt:


Eric Raffle:

your scene was a bitt to bright in certain areas and made it unreadable

Brady Green:

Niiiice render and idea.


well done
a great idea
fantastic rendering & lighting
you could win

Martin Strom:

Cool idea with "E.T.". The lip-sync looks really good and it is very smart at the end when the boy (I guess it supposed to be Elliott) picks out a leaf from his hair. Those little details makes a lot of difference. Great job!

Linda Rizo:


Jed B.:

Nice eye darts. Animation could be a bit smoother.

Ben Aydlett:

This was amazing quality, the setting was easily explained by the surroundings and told a story in a simple way. Great Job!

Justin Jones:

Lovely work! As much as I find the creature in the milk crate creepy looking, it was all animated spot on. Best of luck to you in the competition!

Harry G:

Haha! Love the whole E.T. Idea. the opening scene is great :D The main thing that bugs me is the lip sync of the alien dude, the shapes dont work on "it's been a hell of a trip". The scene opens with the main human pedalling, i feel that should have continued all the way till the end.
Apart from these, I like the shot!