Final Rating: 4.42. Finished 61 out of 175 entries.

349 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mohsin Ali

Description: A guy seeing off his friend after a trip and both end up reminiscing their time together for a short moment.

Experience: student

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Kiefer Paulson:

a beautiful opening shot and solid render, but the animation isn't clean... needs improvement

Eric Raffle:

you had the right flow the right camera movement shots but your lacking in the lip-syncing department and it lost a lot of points

Becky Gilby:

Lip syncing needs some work but the scene is beautiful

Craig Portnoy:

Nice establishing shot. Animation needs work, don't have every body part move at the same time.

Jed B.:

Nice strong poses. Next step is easing and polishing.

Justin Jones:

I like the set. It shows that you can render nice lighting. The animation, however, feels a little stiff, though it was staged pretty good. Good work overall, and keep at it!

Maurice Haywood Jr.:

nice scene


I love the environment,