Final Rating: 3.18. Finished 185 out of 211 entries.

14 views including the voting period.


Animator: Hassan Al Kazmi

Description: I started kind of late toward the end of the competition and spend most of the time on the male character and trying out the rigg, therefore the female characters animations suffer a bit.

Experience: Studied for 1 year, own projects for about 1 year.

Time taken: About a week part time


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Sarah Zelenak:

I like the premise you have going on, there just seems to be a lot of movement for the overall mood of the quote. Frame 170 where the girl looks like she's yawning really took me out of the animation. You have a good idea, I just think there's too much going on.

Sophie Bracmard:

No idea what's happening in there.

Aaron Rivera:

There's a lot of strange, unnecessary movements here. Some of the movements on the man work well but the distracting movement and awkward posing break up the flow. This kind of clip requires more subtlety I feel.

Merlyn Moynagh:

Too many pose choices makes this very distracting. I understand the idea but the posing and movement is awkward and un-natural. Try to have the whole body move subtly when lifting an arm or moving a leg, nothing stays frozen in space! And certainly remember weight! It's very hard to stand knees bent. Keep those creative ideas flowing and keep at it!