Final Rating: 6.21. Finished 23 out of 211 entries.

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Animator: Trevor Smalldon

Description: The Word Exactly was the most impactful so wanted to play on that and make the scenario a bit different. Inside of being Love advice, I wanted it to be a bit more menacing.

Experience: Body mechanics Class

Time taken: 2 Weeks Off and On


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philipp seis:

nice look !

David Macatantan:

Very smooth animation but acting and scenario choice is odd.

If the monster is a villain, his face doesn't show it.

Some simple animation on the human could make him seem alive. Before being grabbed, he looks dead.

Greg Stovell:

Dennis' animation looks amazing. We'll done. The "exactly what you are" move seems a bit out of place with the tone of the voice though.
Overall, I really like this piece.

Kelly Fong:

Nice concept and overall acting!


Excellent job and nice acting!

Elmira Solo:

great character pick, fits the voice