Final Rating: 6.41. Finished 16 out of 211 entries.

435 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sahutsawat Seng Khantrum

Description: Thank you every body for vote me and every comment.i hope you will enjoy my work.

Experience: 2

Time taken: 2 week


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Brian Heath:

nice works well. overall very creepy (which is the point I take it)

philipp seis:

Creepy. Good animation !

Chris Bull:

Great! The camera rotating round works really well for this scene, but the speed up after frame 200'ish is a little off putting. I wish the female character seemed more scared and disgusted, maybe trying to look away as she can't bare to look at him and him having to force her head back to look at him, or her closing her eyes? As she is she comes across as just a little inconvenienced by him but not too worried. Not sure what the lip synch at 260 -287 is for, it looks like he's talking here. I think it probably could have ended a little stronger than wiggling her chin.

David Macatantan:

Smooth animation.

The camera could have swung the other way so that we get more of the joker. But the animation is the woman is great.

The acting in the joker is a bit too calm. At frame 171 we can barely see his sinister look.

Joud Azzam:

I'll never wash my eyes again!!!!

Mahesh Waran:

jookkkeerr!! the tongue twist at 277 takes my stars !!

Shahin Ghahremani:

Very well done, i love your acting, I'm just not sure what's happening about his tongue and mouth from 265-290?? looks a bit off to me at that part only! Great job anyway!

Tharitchonlathorn Pimpa:

amazing work !

Dan Raigorodsky Bendahan:

I love how you play with the audio accents and the animation , awesome! Ithink you deserve to win!

Erika Johnsson:

Really nice fluid movement and lots of personality

Kawin Suteepongsopon:

nice work

Adela Covarrubias:

great idea! but could be pushed even more, she doesnt look scared or anything enough

Elmira Solo:

if you are going this direction, make him more crazy, he feels too empathetic.

Kai Huai:

I like how this scene is executed. But not too sure about the scene progression. Maybe for a start, change the camera direction, remove the swerve around character and focus on the perfomance. For acting wise.. Maybe the girl is trying to look away and reject the clown's love. but he persist with force move into her vision and get physically close to her as he speaks.