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Teddy Bears are good listeners

by Vikk Nascimento

Final Rating: 4.35. Finished 116 out of 211 entries.

89 views including the voting period.


Animator: Vikk Nascimento

Description: A cool cat giving a teddy bear a piece of adivice, but the advice is really for himself, so he gets a little too emotion in the end.

Experience: none

Time taken: 10 days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Aaron Rivera:

Not bad! I like the style and there's a fair amount of movement here and some nice expressions. There are some lovely details in the acting, like the leg moving a bit, and flicking the cigarette aside. The coloring is nice too, though I think the time you took to clean it up for coloring would have been better used to add some animation to the body, which looks very stiff in comparison to the very lively limbs and head. The head especially feels disconnected when it veers so far from the body attched by a rubber band neck, most pronounced in the latter part of "the best thing you can do is..." and his left leg in the latter half of the animation, which doesn't appear to attach to the knee properly given the angle of the thigh and the separating line. It also looks like he's massaging the teddy bear at the end, which may be intended but it struck me as odd. I feel like the bear could've moved in closer, since the deformation of the head seems too deep for it to stay there. Regardless, this is a nice piece with great acting and a fun style. Keep it up!


in my opinion the head has too much movements... bat good style!

Sophie Bracmard:

The cat is moving is heat a bit too much.