Final Rating: 5.12. Finished 60 out of 211 entries.

49 views including the voting period.


Animator: Karl Davis

Description: A farmer gives some advice on love.

Experience: 2nd year of uni

Time taken: a few weeks, off and on.


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Bailey Easson:

The overall animation is well done, but I feel like his mouth just isn't opening enough. I can't hear that voice coming out of his mouth that clearly without the proper articulation.

philipp seis:

the pig is cool !

Greg Stovell:

The lip synch can use some work. The secondary animation of the pig is amazing!

David Macatantan:

Body animation is good.

lip sync isn't strong enough.

Facial animation is giving enough performance.

Aaron Rivera:

While there's not much going on in terms of movement, the expressions here are utterly fantastic, and the hand gesture is spot on. Lip sync feels kinda stiff but that's the only real gripe, and the cut to the pig is just funny. Great job!


The pig animation is great!

Mahesh Waran:

the pig is the fish boy rig!! haha!! great!
a broader lip-sync would be expected :)

Ayman Mohamed:

i like pig animation

Merlyn Moynagh:

watch that lip sync!

Adela Covarrubias:

LOL! the fish, you turned it into a funny pig!