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...for what it's worth.

by Greg Stovell

Final Rating: 5.03. Finished 65 out of 211 entries.

60 views including the voting period.


Animator: Greg Stovell

Description: Simple, straightforward, hopefully subtle enough, advice to camera.

Experience: 14 weeks

Time taken: 2 weeks - mostly evenings.


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Jakub Kupčík:

Movement seemed a bit jerky, try perhaps looking at the graph and making sure the lines in it are smooth.

Brian Heath:

nice subtle movements! Nice head shake with "loves you" and "for exactly"

Aaron Rivera:

Nicely done! The character emotes great and the subtle movement is perfect for the clip. The lip sync could be tighter, as it felt rather off most of the time, and him rubbing his hands together at the end looked really weird. I think him gently locking his fingers together as he reaches "sticking with" would've looked more natural. or keep the hand clasping but delay it longer and have the hands bob up and down with the last two words for emphasis. Either way, excellent job!

Jonathan C.:

The sticking motion at the end was quite awkward. I see some potential though!

Kevin Nguyen:

The lip sync is quite nice but the body movements is not there yet.