Final Rating: 5.23. Finished 55 out of 211 entries.

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Animator: Sigrun Hreins

Description: Love life tips from your friendly neighbourhood psycho!

Groggy character rig by Zubuyer Kaolin.

Experience: 3 years professionally

Time taken: 2 days


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philipp seis:

very funny. Like your colors

Shark Bait:

The first 30 frames looks like he's jacking it


Interesting idea, I like it. Him waving that knife around adds some menace to his character. One thing I thought could be improved was the "good mood, bad mood" part - it feels a little bit "acted". But overall, nice job.

Aaron Rivera:

Excellent movement, with a very comedic looking character, especially with that chin of his. The real problem with it is the mouth, which is consistantly wide, so it's hard to articulate "o" sounds properly. Otherwise this is a great entry!

April Slocombe:

Lip sync could use some more emphasis but I like the animation on the eyes and body movements nonetheless.

Merlyn Moynagh:

body movement is great! very nice very subtle. However the lip sync and face emotion choices are very jarring. I really enjoy the feeling that he's cutting something off scene, it would of been nicer to stage the shot so you could see the acting and maybe exaggerate the feeling of weight a bit more. But the biggest thing to fix is the eyebrows and mouth. Great work so far and keep at it!

Diane Aarts:

sweet jesus


You did an amazing job, specially with a rig that has tough mouth controls :D