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For exactly what you are

by Bo

Final Rating: 6.31. Finished 19 out of 211 entries.

174 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bo

Description: just looking for someone who is willing to accept what I am

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 3 weeks


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philipp seis:

wow ! like it. Nice line.

Mahesh Waran:

mind = blown!!!!!!!

Aaron Rivera:

Fantastic work! Lots of great expressions and subtle movements, some subtle, with a few faster ones for emphasis. I feel like there could have been a few more small hand gestures to emphasize the dialog and compliment the expression, but this is well drawn and well animated. I also think it would've been better if he looked at her for "exactly what you are" as he is specifically addressing her, and there aren't any distractions we know about in the scene. But those are nitpicks for a fantastic traditionally animated scene. Nicely done!

Diane Aarts:

nicely done! Also gotta say I really like the design here.