Final Rating: 6.76. Finished 8 out of 211 entries.

1,081 views including the voting period.


Animator: Michael Hockey

Description: An abandoned dog reflects on the people in his life.

Experience: 4 Years

Time taken: 12 Days


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philipp seis:

Love it. I've recently seen that rig on youtube. Is it a free one. Darn cool animation. Congrats !

Jonathan C.:

Rendered nicely

Philippe Duvin:


Shark Bait:

Nice animation! although people will probably upvote for the render

Aaron Rivera:

Excellent expressions here with lots of emotion, and extra points for managing to pull it off with a dog, though the lip sync still feels a little off at times. I have a pet peeve of dogs and animals moving too much like humans, so when I saw the paw come up, I almost thought you were gonna go for the paw point, but then realizing it's the back leg made it feel very natural, especially since dogs really wouldn't care if they lifted their leg during conversations like this. If they gotta scratch, they gotta scratch. very nice!


Looks great overall. I wish u added a little more love to the lipsync


My Favorite by far

Sean McDonald:

Wow that was good! Love the ear scratch

Dan Raigorodsky Bendahan:

hahah that secondary aniamtion makes this more interesting , great!

Joshua Hart:

Everything but the lip-syncing was really good.

Merlyn Moynagh:

lip syncs on dogs are tough! its not quite there yet with the dialogue but just keep at it. Very pretty setup

Zeeshan Karimi:

My favorite for this month! Well done!!
Congratulations in advance if this work wins ^_^