Final Rating: 4.05. Finished 135 out of 211 entries.

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Animator: Alexandra Hamlin

Description: Just a silly, fun first attempt at the 11 Second Club! Critiques are very, very welcome and appreciated. Thank you!

Experience: 6 months

Time taken: 4 weeks class time


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philipp seis:

Superfunny Idea. Filmclassics reloaded !

Yuri Marcel Vieira:

hahahaha feel bad for him


funny :D

April Slocombe:

There could be more emphasis on the eyes of the Morpheus rigs and the transition between the main man saying his dialogue and the shocking realisation of the other guy carrying Bonnie is choppy otherwise the rest of the animation is fine.

Ruth Agada:

I don't get the end

Joshua Hart:

I like the idea, but I'm never sure where i'm supposed to be looking. Sometimes I want to look at the man in front, gesturing, but other times I want to watch the drama unfolding in the back.

Merlyn Moynagh:

hilarious acting choices! really told a story. Really watch your spacing and weight, to make sure your arms and poses don't float. and watch that shoulder on the right front character and its clavicle, there no need for it to go that far back and up while the arm is forward. play around with it a bit. Very brave trying to take on three characters at once!


Really cool, needs a bit more polish, less snap.