Final Rating: 4.61. Finished 92 out of 211 entries.

34 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tom Nestor

Description: A life lesson from man's best friend.

Experience: Over a year.

Time taken: About two weeks.


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need improvement on lip sink (no phoneme)

Aaron Rivera:

Well this is different. Clearly this dog got a bit too attached to it's owner. The story here is well presented and the punchline is nicely executed. I feel like the lip sync could have been more than just an opening and closing of the mouth, though I know it's harder to manage in 3D with animals with long snouts. Otherwise the expressions are pretty well articulated, although I don't think the angry expression on "bad mood" fits the tone of the audio. The movement on the dog is lovably crafted though, especially when paired with the story. Good job overall.

Sophie Bracmard:

He seems a bit overexcited on the "good mood bad mood", it doesn't match the voice very well.