Final Rating: 3.58. Finished 165 out of 211 entries.

15 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sonu Rajbhandari

Description: just for fun

Experience: 1 year+

Time taken: 3hours * 12 days


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philipp seis:

nice ! but zoom in ;)

Nik Ottinger:

Cool! Something that I think can really help your animation is being a little more conscious of staging. The general actions seem cool, but the way its framed right now doesn't show it off very well. Maybe a closer angle or something :)

Mahesh Waran:

good... try changing the poses with an antic and an overshoot and pose and then ease out..
that should work :)

Arnold Balaka:

The camera distance and positioning make it impossible to see the performances

Matthew Kenyon:

Camera needs work. Not a great shot.

David Macatantan:

Move those hips in the walk and don't forget to cushion.